The Art Of Clean Eating and How to Start a Healthy Diet

According to a recent study performed by researchers at the University of Montreal, women tend to be more conscious when it comes to making healthy food choices and search for stores that provide them. Men on the other hand are creatures of convenience and will choose foods that are sold in stores near them.  So if you are a man, keep reading on to find out how you can eat clean to stay in shape.

According to data collected by this research, done by mapping all stores in certain area by categorization of healthy and not so healthy food offerings; women consumed far more ( exactly 4.4 portions per day) of healthy food choices such as fruits and vegetables compared to (3.4 portions per day) men.

Women will seek stores that provide healthier options, while men will do the purchasing in stores near them.

One of the primary aspects of this study was to educate people in finding a healthier food option stores even if they`re not near their place of residence.

Furthermore, certain suggestions were provided:

1.    At all times have a healthy snack with you, so when that hunger strikes, you`ll have a safe option to turn to. Place it in the car, gym bag, office desk, or wherever you circulate a lot.

2.    When choosing a drink, always opt for a huge glass of water with lemon, no-sugar added tea, sparkling water, coffee or other beverages that are calorie free.

3.    Do the Pareto principle (80/20). Make sure your total calorie intake is made of 80% healthy food choices and 20% unhealthy ones.

When eating out in a restaurant, don’t be ashamed to ask for your food to be prepared exactly in the manner you want it to be. Split the dressing and other calorie bombs on the side and use them moderately by lightly dipping your fork in them, before you have that salad bite. Avoid calorie bomb add-ons such as cheese, croutons, crispy onion straws and bread.

For a side dish ask for cucumber or tomato salad instead. The preferable methods of cooking foods are: baked, boiled, steamed or grilled. If your meal dish is described as crispy, creamy, au gratin or fried, feel free to choose something else.

Your mindset should be focused on eating clean, lean and green. Food options such as lean protein and non-starchy vegetables contain abundance of healthy nutrients that will keep you satisfied all day long. 

When choosing roasted or grilled lean meats like chicken breast, white meat turkey, buffalo, or T-bone steak, you`re doing your body a favor. The same thing applies for fish and sea food. Soups and steamed vegetables are always a good choice as well.

Eating clean and healthy is an ongoing process, you just need to make the first step, stay consistent in your food choices and rip the benefits of a healthier body to die for, afterwards.

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