The Most Common Low Testosterone Symptoms

Testosterone is a male dominant hormone produced by the male reproductive glands. Its primary function consists of reproductive material production, facial and body hair growth, building muscle and keeping a healthy libido. The testosterone and the amount produced by the body is regulated by the male`s brain and the pituitary gland.

A healthy normal level of testosterone can be reduced if one’s body suffers certain injuries and under natural aging process.  It is quite beneficial for a healthy male to identify low testosterone symptoms, in order to take certain type of measures and recommended therapy.

The 8 most common low testosterone symptoms:

1. Change in Libido

The first sign noticed by men regarding changing level of testosterone is a change in their s*x drive. Putted bluntly, the male experiences reduced s****l interest and this is the most common sign for  hypogonadism (condition describing low testosterone production). In this case, a certain therapy is prescribed that can increase someone’s s****l interest.

2. Low Sperm Count

As we mentioned above, one of the primary functions of the testosterone is to produce sperm. In a simple analogy; lower levels of testosterone result with lower levels of sperm. If not treated as a condition, it might cause infertility.

3. Erectile Dysfunction

Another side-effect of having or experiencing low testosterone levels is erectile dysfunction: jeopardizing ones ability to have and maintain a full erection. In case of erectile dysfunction or impotence, taking self-prescribed medication may result with unwanted results; you should treat the symptoms of low testosterone first.

4. Gynecomastia

Enlarged breasts at males are a condition referred as Gynecomastia. This particular condition occurs when men experience lower level of testosterone production resulting with bigger breasts.

5. Hair loss

By nature, men tend to have more hair (body and facial) than women, mainly because of testosterone production. One of the first symptoms of someone’s decreased levels of testosterone is hair loss. Male teens going through puberty that are experiencing low levels of testosterone may have lack of facial and body hair.  Also, the same teens may experience increased amounts of hair on their arms and legs.

6. Reduced Muscle Tone

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, testosterone levels afflict muscle building as well, making lower testosterone a primary reason for losing muscle tone and developing muscle weakness. This is a prolonged state that may lead to serious complications if not treated accordingly.

7. Small Testes

Hypogonadism or low testosterone level condition afflicts the testes to shrink because of their reduced function of producing testosterone.  Teen male`s may experience reduced growth in the testicles and the p***s.

8. Osteoporosis

Reduced or lower testosterone levels afflict the bone mass as well, producing a condition known as osteoporosis. Symptoms of osteoporosis can seriously increase the possibilities of fractures, mostly targeting the hips and spine.

If you are experiencing a combination of a couple or more of these low testosterone symptoms, chances are you have low testosterone. Before you jump straight to a replacement therapy you should try increasing T-levels naturally. Read how you can increase testosterone levels naturally and without side effects.

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