The Real Reason Everyone’s Fat

Warning: we’re about to talk about accepting the responsibility for being fat, a topic that only a small number of people are ready to discuss about.

You’d tell us that you’re fat because the health industry has been making millions out of selling shady diet plans and the companies which sell fitness supplements have convinced you to buy shakes with supposedly magical properties a bit too often.

Or perhaps that it’s impossible to eat healthy all the time if you have small sugar-obsessed children, that your crazy work hours don’t leave you enough time to cook real meals, or that your weight-gaining issues have a genetic background.

All of these things, as well as many others, play a role in encouraging the spread of obesity in modern societies. But none of them is to be blamed in entirety for causing it. If you choose to believe such a thing, you’ll fail to recognize an important chance to positively influence your life by taking responsibility and making some decisions that only you can make. In other words: if you want to become great, or at least better than you are right now, stop being a victim.

But here’s the scarier thing: instead of listing some of these excuses, you could simply state that you don’t consider fat as ugly. In fact, you could proudly announce that in your eyes, fat is beautiful, but unfortunately, people have adopted long-term stereotypes about curvy girls because the evil marketing gurus and the editors of pop magazines fetishize anorexic bodies for decades now.

While the latter is certainly true, that won’t do much to support your basic premise that some other than you is responsible for you being fat. Are you sure about that?

As expected, the beginning of 2017 will be marked with big promises and even bigger hopes. Sadly though, most of them will end up embarrassingly abandoned just a few months down the road. A quick review of studies in the field of psychology will tell you that frequently setting too high goals and expectations from yourself usually leads to disappointments and a loss of motivation.

So instead of creating extraordinary results, pushing yourself beyond your limits will often make you miserable and even more dissatisfied with your life. So what should you do?

First and foremost, if you haven’t taken responsibility for your flaws so far, there’s no better time than now. Own your weaknesses. See them for what they are and accept yourself as the imperfect human you are.

There’s no getting around this step – go and lock yourself in your bedroom and don’t come out until you’ve come at peace with your worst attributes, if you have to. And taking responsibility will ultimately make you feel empowered and ready to make a real effort into changing your bad ways.

Then, plan some necessary actions. Choose where you will start from. Make simple, precisely defined goals and write them on paper. You have a ton of excess fat and would like to burn it all off?

There’s an endless list of things you can do to accomplish that goal. By merely spending a few hours surfing the web you’ll find all that you need to know about human biology, healthy nutrition and training for fat loss. Some people think that fit people have been born that way or that they’re just lucky to be able to eat a lot and never put on any weight. The truth is that more often than not, neither of those things is true.

Fit people are fit because they consistently work hard to maintain a good level of condition, muscle mass and strength, as well as keep the pounds away. They are extremely cautious about what they eat and most of them have given up candy and alcohol many years ago. Ask any of them about their rigorous dieting and training routines and they’ll tell you that maintaining and improving fitness ain’t really a piece of cake.

Expect to struggle. In fact, take some time to think about what the biggest challenges will be and how you plan to overcome them. Chances are that losing weight won’t be a smooth and easy process – you’ll face hunger cravings, laziness, friends who make you eat junk food and similar issues, and sometimes you’ll loosen up a bit too much and make mistakes.

The longer you’ve let yourself go, the harder it’ll be to replace your bad habits with healthier ones that can make you leaner and stronger. Sometimes you’ll overeat, sometimes you’ll skip an entire month of training. It’s all ok as long as you make sure to pick up everything exactly where you left it and try to avoid repeating the same mistakes again. And one great way to ensure success is by predicting them before you even begin your fat loss process.

Finally, no matter what you do, try not to fall into the “it’s not my fault” trap and don’t let anyone tell you that you didn’t have a choice. Yes, you had a choice, and you chose bad food and physical inactivity. Acknowledging this will have a powerful effect on your mental preparedness to deal with your body image issues more effectively and eventually learn how to make better choices.

The fat acceptance movement is bullshit because it leads fat people to believe that they shouldn’t work harder to improve their appearance and health but instead they should just pretend to love being fat. And in reality, no one likes being fat because no one likes having high blood pressure, diabetes, joint pain, less energy, sloppy metabolic rate, shortness of breath and… we could go on forever.

Being politically correct about obesity is ridiculous. People need to hear the truth in order to be provoked to change! If you want to receive real support, the one you need to encourage you to better your life, surround yourself with people who are brutally honest, not people who tell you that since you don’t have any power and responsibility, you should just learn to enjoy being fat.

Don’t become a victim of this way of thinking just because changing yourself seems too hard – trust our word and the word of every fat-turned-fit person on the world that your efforts will pay off.

Start small. But never give up.

And never forget that you are the only one who can make your dreams come true and you are also the only one who can destroy them.

The choice is always yours.

Good luck!

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