5 Diet Mistakes Most Guys Make When Trying To Get Shredded

Losing weight is not easy. It takes dedication, good planning and discipline. And even when your dieting is carefully planned and you seem to do everything right, losing body fat can be a lengthy process. To avoid making it even longer, it’s wise to learn the common mistakes people male when dieting, and find out how to avoid them.


Eating organic, gluten-free, natural food is not a guarantee for losing weight. Although organic meat, vegetables and fruits are still healthier option for your diet that does not mean that you’ll lose weight.

Every food contains calories, organic and processed alike. And it’s the caloric count of the food you’re eating that counts. In the game of losing weight, the most important thing is to consume less calories than you are spending every day. And it’s a common mistake for people to think that they consume less calories just by eating healthier food.

Fruits provide us with the best example for illustrating this. Although fruit is generally good for your health because of the vitamins and minerals that it contains, it also can contain a relatively high amount of sugars. In other words, while drinking a smoothie will bring you all the health benefits, it will also increase your calorie intake. So if you’re overdoing it, it’ll reflect on your weight. The trick is to always count the macronutrients and keep an eye on your portion size.


However absurd it may sound, you should not give up on eating fats if you want to lose body weight.

Of course, you should consume only healthy fats. Saturated and trans fat is not good for your body, because they increase the cholesterol in your bloodstream, resulting with greater chances of heart conditions. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, on the other hand, do just the opposite. They reduce your cholesterol and, consequently, the chances of heart condition. These fast also play active role in healthy hormone production. So don’t go avoiding fatty food. Just try eating one that contains healthy fats. And remember that fatty foods usually contain more calories than carbs and protein based foods. And it’s the calories that we want to avoid when we are losing weight. Although almonds, fish, olive oil, seed may be good source of nutrients, they are also full of calories. Combining them in one meal will take the calorie count to the roof.

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