What Happens To Your Body And Mind When You Don’t Sleep Enough

If you needed an excuse for staying longer in bed the science has finally provided one for you. According to the research, sleep deprivation can result in many adverse health effects, affecting both your body and mind.

However, sleep deprivation seems to be one of the commonest problems in the modern life. Although the recommendations are that you should get seven to eight hours of sleep every day, most of us suffer from lack of sleep. According to the results of a recently conducted U.S survey, over 40 percent of American citizens sleep less than seven hours.

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This trend seems to be rapidly escalating. The number of people who got less than five hours of sleep in U.S.A. was just 3% in 1942. That percentage rose to 14 in 2013. According to that same survey, the American citizens got 7.9 hours of night sleep on average 70 years ago. Today that number fall down to 6.8 hours of sleep on average.

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Without going delving into greater depths and trying to find out the reason for this increasing trend, we should be aware that sleep deprivation impacts our health in more than one way. If you want to find out what you do to your body and mind when you deprive them of their recommended eight hours of sleep, take a look at this infographic from Business Insider. It shows eight negative effects of prolonged sleep deprivation.


So If you are a fan of those late night parties and get-togheters, you may have to say goodbye to your strength and well developed muscles if you don’t get your beauty sleep regularly.

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