5 Reasons Why Your Diet is Not Working

For most people, diet is a great way to lose excess weight. If you take a look at the statistics, recently the number of people in the US and European countries, that are using some kind of a diet has grown by 70% in women and 30% in men.

But not everything is so simple – many diets do not produce results, other ones work at first, but after the initial rapid improvement, people return to their previous weight or their body weight even surpasses the weight they started with.

Then we got to ask the question : Why is you diet not working ?

Ok, so why diets do not produce the desired results? Well, here are some of the reasons:

1. The body is too complex to adapt to diets.

Most diets suggest a significant change in the normal eating pattern for long periods of time. But fighting habits is difficult, because they were formed under the influence of our lifestyle, and the smallest changes of those habits lead to stress.

2. A diet is a real test of your willpower

In the initial stage, every diet looks easy and simple as your enthusiasm is at its highest. However, as the time passes the diet becomes harder and harder to maintain.

Fighting the temptation of overeating during the holidays is particularly hard, simply due to the fact that you see large quantities of food on the table as well as other people, such as your relatives, enjoying the food, while you have to eat your chicken, rice and broccoli.

Also, when people see that they have achieved some result, they will usually relax and stop resisting temptations so much.

3. While on a diet you are constantly hungry

Researchers agree that whether you are a skinny or overweight person, diets will cause a constant feeling of hunger and create a constant desire to eat what is prohibited, usually some kind of junk food or sugary food. It’s a psychological thing.

In addition to the permanent  feeling of hunger and temptation, you need to fight with sad thoughts such as: “Everybody else can eat it, but i can’t.”  This kind of thinking can trigger overeating in protest.

4. People like doing exceptions

The diet works for as long as you stick to it. Many people are tired of the constant restrictions and allow themselves the occasional small exceptions.

The problem though, is that these small exceptions progressively become a habit, until at one moment one begins to think of excuses of why they will “cheat” today, but they will take the matter in “their own hands” tomorrow. Diets such as “today I’ll overeat like it’s my last day on earth, and tomorrow I’ll starve all day” do not lead to anything good.

5. Diets are powerless against the emotional aspect of overeating

People eat more when they are under the influence of stress and this is normal, because at such times they burn more calories than usual. But when overeating happens as a way to achieve emotional comfort, to deal with feelings of frustration, despair and loss – diets not only DO NOT improve this situation, but they tend to make things even worse, as the diet is another emotional pressure to your body.

Diets can have results and cut those extra pounds only if you are able to change your own nutrition habits, and even add some physical activity.

I always hear people say that a diet is not good because when they manage to lose a certain number of pounds, they turn back to their regular eating habits and soon enough they gain back the weight they lost with the diet. They often ask : “When I lose weight, will it stay off ? “

This is a misconception. A diet is not a “one time” thing. If you want to lose weight, you will have to change your whole lifestyle, this is not just a couple of months thing. Changing your habits is the only way you can achieve long-lasting results and enjoy good health.

Here’s how you can start eating healthy and change your lifestyle: The Art Of Clean Eating and How to Start a Healthy Diet

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