HOW TO SCULPT AWARD WINNING LEGS – Training Secrets of a 6 Time Figure Champion

Thick thighs are top priority on most women’s “I do not want” list. Whether it’s referred to as thighs rubbing together, thunder thighs, monster thighs, these are all terms that make women cringe. Well, there is a possibility that you’re actually training incorrectly and getting what you’re desperately trying to fight so hard to guard against; bigger thighs!

In the world of CrossFit, have you ever stopped to notice that many of the women who are seriously into that kind of training, generally have pretty wide thighs? Perhaps that’s the look they’re going for, which is fine. But if not, you need to take notice because it’s not just a coincidence. These women train with heavy duty loads in the 4-6 and maximum one rep range which over time, promotes the widening of your thighs. Be aware and if it’s not the look you’re after, make some changes.

Bodybuilding and training like a male bodybuilder or power-lifter can make your legs wider! Generally, men are not fully aware of the female leg fat battle and because of this, you may want to be cautious when picking a Personal Trainer. Strictly training with the intent of making gains and getting bigger, especially where the legs are concerned, can backfire. Certain exercises done in the wrong order, or performed with maximum loads and done repeatedly over a period of time, can make your thighs wider! Make sure you are exercising to achieve the precise goals you desire. Take measurements and keep track.

Bulking up (common in what’s known as bodybuilding’s off-season) when it comes to women, usually results in extra fat and yep, bigger thighs because that is where it is genetically predisposed to go! The deck is stacked against women when it comes to storing leg fat. Avoid this because you can’t pick and choose where the fat goes. “First on, last off,” is generally how it goes.

Eating the wrong carbs, especially later in the day can contribute to storing leg fat. If you’re not using up the energy, it’s going to get stored as fat and yep, in women, the first place it generally goes to is the thighs! Argh!


Progressive Overload! Yes, it’s true, you need to challenge yourself with heavier weights to change your shape. However, if you have a mesomorph body type (shorter, so called, ‘big boned’ and have the tendency to put weight on easily) and you’re training heavy, you have to periodize properly and cycle through different phases of training to avoid your legs getting thicker/bulkier.

Doing the wrong exercises can make your thighs wider! Ugh! The first exercise that comes to mind is the adductor machine. You want your inner thighs strong but you don’t want them overly developed, otherwise, you will widen your thighs. Work to strengthen, tighten and shape those legs and keep your training in balance.


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