High Protein Breakfast – Peanut Butter Banana Overnight Oats

Millions of people eat an unhealthy breakfast such as coffee and donuts, a sugar filled granola bar on the go, McDonalds, because they say they don’t have enough time to eat breakfast (although this is not really an excuse, you can always get up 30 minutes earlier and prepare a healthy breakfast). Well if you are one of those people, we have a solution for you.

High Protein Banana Overnight Oats

This high protein overnight oats breakfast is easy to prepare, it’s healthy, it will help you lose fat and build muscle if that’s your final goal. The best part is that it doesn’t require cooking. You can prepare it in 5 min before you go to bed or any time of the day and store it in the fridge. Get up and you have a great breakfast to start the day on the right foot.

Why do we say it’s healthy ?

The high amount of fiber from the oatmeal will keep you satisfied loner periods of time as fiber slows down digestion. The high protein amount supports your muscle mass and helps in fat loss. The Peanut butter provides healthy fats that help in balancing the hormones in your body. The yogurt provides your body with healthy gut bacteria that help the digestion and absorption of nutrients.


½ cup of oats
1 tbsp. chia seed
1 tbsp. natural creamy peanut butter
1 whole banana (diced)
½ cup of water
½ cup non-fat Greek yogurt
1 scoop of vanilla whey protein concentrate
1 teaspoon of raw honey
sprinkle some cinnamon


Add all the ingredients into a bowl and mix well. Let the oats soak the liquids overnight or 3-4 hours. You can keep this meal it in the refrigerator over night.

This high protein breakfast has:

– 50g of carbohydrates,
– 30g of protein,
– about 17g of healthy fats
– about 20g of dietary fiber.

Enjoy your breakfast.

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