11 Things Everyone Has Secretly Done At The Gym

If you’re a human and you’ve ever had a gym membership, we bet you’ve done every single one of these common quirky gym behaviors!

1. Taken a cheesy gym selfie


Even though you often ridicule people who do that as a means to show off your no-bullshit attitude when it comes to gym efforts. After all, exercising is supposed to improve our self-confidence, right?

2. Stopped your workout to drool over someone


Perhaps every fifth male gym-goer is guilty of interrupting some hot girl’s workout in order to deliver an inauthentic pick-up line. On the other hand, every fifth girl in the same gym is there to flaunt her assets in front of overwhelmingly muscular guys.

3. Left your sweat all over the machine


As it turns out, this is a tougher habit to break than chain-smoking.

4. Ate a mammoth portion of junk food after your workout, but you bragged that you ate healthy

how to stop overeating

Perhaps right after you spent a lot of time discussing whole-food diets and swapping healthy recipes with your gym buddies.

5. Secretly competed with the person on the machine next to you


Trying to beat your neighbor’s number of burned calories is a really fun way to add some motivation to an especially tiresome cardio session. It can be kind of awkward when they catch you staring at their monitor, but there’s nothing that a big smile can’t fix. We think.

6. Passed gas in a crowded gym and immediately fled the crime scene


We’ve all been there. Farting is natural and sometimes unavoidable, but with all that body fluids secretion, gyms aren’t exactly meant to smell like lavender anyways.

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