This 68 Year Old Lady Is Not Your Average Grandmother. She Still Goes To The Gym Every Day And Can Lift Her Own Body Weight

A bodybuilding grandmother who can lift her own body weight revealed she is chatted up online by ‘weedy men’ who think she is a ‘goddess’.

Angela Graham, 68, of Leeds, worked as a glamour model and Armed Forces pin-up before discovering weight-lifting in the 1970s.

The mental health nurse, who is grandmother to Aaron, 28, and Reece, 26, still goes to the gym every day and claim her youthful appearance means she is often mistaken for being in her early 50s.

While she believes many men don’t approach her because she is too ‘physically intimidating’, there are others who are attracted to her strong appearance. She revealed she is chatted up by ‘weedy men’ who think she is a ‘goddess’ and want to be ‘wrestled’ and ‘dominated’ by her.

Whatever you think of her, you got to admit that this is some serious hard work and dedication right here :

Via : DailyMail

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