11 Things Everyone Has Secretly Done At The Gym

7. Got caught up with checking your social media accounts while occupying a machine that everybody around you is waiting to use.


Ok, you didn’t do it on purpose, it just happened… right? After all, it’s not like you’re the only one doing it. Pft.

8. Tried to impress people by lifting a weight that’s out of your range and failed miserably


Not as embarrassing as it sounds. It’s much worse.

9. Spent more time criticizing some else’s routine than actually working out


Unfortunately, most people in the gym aren’t very keen on listening to free weightlifting advice. Too bad for them!

10. Persuaded yourself that you’re completely worn out when you were in fact too lazy to finish the entire routine


The power of auto-suggestion is truly limitless, especially when it’s motivated by the new season of your favorite TV series. I bet that if you put your mind to it, you could even convince yourself that your muscles are burning like hell after two sets of squats, just to be able to call it a day.

In times of war and in the cutthroat world of crowded public gyms, the end justifies the means, you said to yourself as you jumped on to the machine this guy got up from to search for another plate.

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