Arnold Schwarzenegger: ‘When I Look In the Mirror, I Throw Up’

Well, here is a wake-up call for all guys out there who’re too fixed on their flaws and imperfections, including Arnie himself:
Almost all of us know (or will soon find out) how it feels to discover that you’ve added a few inches around your waist or see your deflated chest and realize it hasn’t aged that well. Really, we do. Aging sucks as much as the fact that we might never achieve our ideals, if not more. And it feels terrible. Even if you succeed at sculpting the best body possible, it’s bound to collapse under the burden of time sooner or later.

Nevertheless, there’s not much to do about it than accept the facts and never allow them to hurt your willingness to give 100% to see your dreams come true, even if it’s just for a brief moment that can’t stay with you forever. You can (and should) still be proud that you chose to work your b**t off for something truly great and thereby you’ve separated yourself from the mass of people who never had the guts to dream big, let alone put in the extraordinary amount of hard work needed to make dreams reality.

Your efforts may inspire many others around you to never give up improving themselves, just like Arnold became the hero of many generations who grew up with his iconic movies and in fascination of his rigorous training routines. Regardless of Schwarzenegger’s current body shape, almost nobody will ever say: “Yeah he was kind of great but who cares because now he’s just a bag of saggy skin“. Instead, he will be always remembered as the super-ripped T-100 or the remarkable way he made Conan the Barbarian come to life as one of the ultimate alpha male role models.

We may all have our insecurities, but at the end, our actions are what matters and what people will remember us for.

So the next time you start beating yourself up because of your mistakes and everyday fails, take a step back and take a good, long look at your highlights. Then envision them becoming even greater and let that image motivate you to keep pushing your limits and overcome anything you don’t like about your appearance at the moment. Give yourself some love, then move on and don’t look back.

If you want to make it big like Arnold, never let your insecurities get the best of you, just like he ultimately did. Even if you don’t get exactly where you wanted, you’ll still be far away from where you are now. And that’s all that counts!

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