7 Life Principles That Every Bodybuilder Should Follow to be Successful…No Exceptions !!!


  1. Balance

The idea of balance is most important in two areas: the goal to build a symmetrical, proportionate muscularity, which is a key aesthetic concept in bodybuilding, and the goal to achieve balance between your training and all other important things in your life.

Without a balanced training, your body could end up looking freakishly distorted, and without maintain a balance between your bodybuilding goals and the rest of your life priorities, your life could become one-dimensional, dull and lacking deep social connections or professional accomplishments. When you’re truly passionate about something, it’s very easy to lose perspective, so remember that you’re more than a collection of ripped muscles and keep your priorities straight.


  1. Humility

When you’re desperate for attention, people will recognize it easily, no matter if you have big muscles or not. Therefore, utilizing your ripped body to gather as much attention possible everywhere you show up will only make you look pathetic. When you’re a beginner and you experience the first transformation of your body, it’s normal to be excited and proud of yourself and to want everybody to notice your success.

However this is only a phase and it’s supposed to pass quickly. The truth is that the better you get, the less you’ll feel the need to prove it to others, unless you have some serious self-confidence issues, in which case it’s better to try and solve them out of the gym. If you want to earn real respect, focus on your training, work hard and stay humble – the results you achieve will speak for themselves.


  1. Respect

Here we would like to discuss the importance of building a strong community based on respect and support. In the old days of bodybuilding, maintaining a close-knit community was perhaps what kept the subculture alive and strong. These days, bodybuilding has experienced a dramatic rise in popularity and visibility so things have changed a bit and every second guy who walks into a gym has an aura of superiority around himself.

Forget about that and connect with the people around you, especially if you’re a member of a local, old school-style gym. Everybody has their own weaknesses and struggles, just like you do, so don’t be judgmental and try to be supportive instead. Offer to spot someone when it’s evident that they could use assistance, encourage them when they’re challenging their limits and share your training approach with others. The more we learn from each other, the better we become.


  1. Acceptance

And by this we mean accepting the reality – if your abdominal muscles have a 4-pack formation, that’s a genetic characteristic of your musculature and you can’t change it.

Bodybuilders are under great pressure to completely transform the weakest points in their physique with little to no regard that most genetic limitations simply can’t be transcended. Focusing your training around a nearly impossible transformation is a waste of precious time and can only bring great frustration. Instead, be realistic about the structure of your body and accept the things you can’t change.

Then focus on perfecting everything else. If you set realistic goals for yourself, both short-term and long-term, you will be more likely to achieve them completely, then perhaps push your limits a bit further and fulfill your maximum potential.


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