Calum Von Moger In ICU for Urgent Surgery After Jumping Through a Second-Story Window

Early reports say that Australian bodybuilder Calum Von Moger was rushed into the ICU for urgent surgery after he jumped through a window on the second floor of a two story building.

Various sources reported the news Friday afternoon on May 6th. At the time of this writing,  Generation Iron confirms that Calum von Moger underwent surgery and is currently in recovery.

The early reports on Calum suggest that he sustained multiple injuries in his spine and is kept under acute supervision in ICU. According to Generationiron, Calum Von Moger has been badly hurt in the spine, and the injuries might get him paralyzed.

As of now, statements suggest that Calum Von Moger was under the influence of drugs and jumped through a second story window receiving a large number of cuts from the glass. He then sustained spinal injury upon falling to the ground – requiring emergency medical attention. He is reportedly currently in the ICU.

“Allegedly, this incident happened because he was still high on meth…
For whatever reason, he jumped through the window. Not out the window, but through the glass.
When he landed, he damaged his spine to the point that he couldn’t walk, and now he is sedated in the ICU.”

According to initial reports, Calum was recently kicked out of his family’s house in Australia, as they found the house in a complete mess. Previous reports have also showcased Von Moger getting into issues with the law including incidents of road rage and carrying a weapon. While not confirmed – there have also been rumors that Von Moger has been suffering from drug addiction to meth amphetamine.

“It does not look good.
I don’t want to say too much because I really don’t have all the fine details…
But from my sources, allegedly it is really, really bad.”

Von Moger was also seriously injured back in 2018 while he was rock climbing with his brother. Back then he fell towards the rock wall, ruptured his quadriceps tendon and dislocated his knee cap. Von Moger said at the time that it was “the day he almost died”.

Among other things, Von Moger won the World Fitness Federation’s Mr. Universe title in 2015. He also starred as Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie “Bigger” directed by George Gallo.

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