Larry Wheels Uses His Couch In a Home Workout During The Corona Isolation

During this time of isolation when the gyms are closed, we are improvising and working out however we can. That’s why yesterday we posted Arnold’s “at home workout”.  Staying active and fit is way better than sitting on the couch, watching TV and waiting for this situation to pass, right ?

While waiting for the virus to clear up, Larry Wheels is doing his own thing and working out at home as well. And while we are used to seeing Larry use barbells to break his own records, this time the workout involves a couch used to do overhead presses and biceps curls.

When you consider the fact that it takes about a couple of average Joes to move a couch, this was an impressive feat of strength performed by Wheels.

He wrote under the video “When boredom strikes”

It’s a good thing that Larry found a way to continue working out at home 🙂

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