CT Fletcher Went Through a Successful 10+ Hour Heart Transplant Surgery

After the report that a heart was found for CT Fletcher over the weekend, it has now been reported that the well regarded powerlifter and bodybuilder has undergone a successful heart transplant surgery.

With a history of heart issues through his lifetime, CT Fletcher has faced death before, looked it in the eyes and has overcome it before. It appears that he’s once again stared death down and was able to come out on top due to the generosity of donor and their family. Through an unfortunate circumstance, they were able to give life to a very grateful CT Fletcher.

This is the status update on CT Fletcher’s condition since undergoing surgery.

C.T. Fletcher’s family also took the opportunity to thank all all fans for their continued prayers, love and support. They said that it is doubtful that C.T. could have made it this far in the journey of his literal life without all of the fans.


UPDATE❤️ : The family of C.T. Fletcher would like to take this opportunity to thank all for your continued prayers, love and support. It is doubtful that C.T. could have made it this far in the journey of his literal life without all of you . Today @3AM, a group of highly skilled surgeons and staff were able to finish an 11 + hour successful heart transplant for C.T. ! He is now in recovery and is progressing beyond the expectations of the doctors. We would like to recognize and say a heartfelt prayer for the donor and their family for making the ultimate gesture by gifting us the miracle of a better quality of life for C.T. Please know that when we spoke to C.T. today he was already talking about how grateful he is and that he was going to take care of this gift and continue to do all the things he believes he was born to do! IRON ADDICTS around the world, rest assured we pray along with C.T. that the best is yet to come! In the meantime, we the family of C. T. bow down in humility and give thanks to God, who shows us with FAITH anything is possible. In my visit this afternoon with C.T. after we shared the most tender and humble of expressions I left the room. After visiting , while walking toward the exit I heard a doctor ask C.T. how he was feeling. I heard C. T. proudly, loudly and unabashedly exclaim , “I’m BLESSED!” With a tear in my eye, I was overcome by the spirit in C.T. that is powered by God and all of us who love him. Again- to all of you, a sincere and loving, “Thank you.” Beatrice Fletcher on behalf CT FLETCHER & FAMILY ❤️ #ISYMFS #HEARTTRANSPLANT #IMBLESSED

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The Fitnes and Power team wisches CT a speedy recovery.

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