C.T. Fletcher Is Heading Back To The Hospital For Heart Transplant Surgery

The famous powerlifter and bodybuilding icon C.T. Fletcher who suffered a major heart attack in June and was waiting for heart transplant heading back to the hospital for kidney tests and likely a transplant heart surgery.

C.T. Fletcher is one of the motivational and influential figures in the fitness community. Recently, C.T. Fletcher released a video documenting his current state and it was truly heart breaking to see.

According to C.T. Fletcher, he is heading back to the hospital for a kidney function test, if he passes he will likely stay there for Heart Transplant Surgery, the transplant he needs in order to potentially make a full recovery.

In his latest tweet CT said:

“If You Been Praying For The Old Man, Please Continue To Do So. Im Being Admitted Monday For A Kidney Function Test, If I Pass, I Will Most Likely Stay There For My Transplant Surgery. Hopefully It Won’t Be Much Longer. Lord Let Your Will Be Done.”

The F&P team  is sending get well wishes to CT Fletcher, we hope that you will soon be back to doing all the things you love.

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