From Anorexic to Fitness Model – Amazing Fitness Transformation

Aroosha Nekonam (25) suffered from a serious form of anorexia, and at one point her condition worsened so much, that her hair began to fall, and she was barely able to lie because she carried very little body fat. She went through tens of sleepless nights.


Her eating disorder progressed so much that at one point the doctors said she would have to start using a wheelchair, because walking was too much effort for her heart.

However, despite the serious warnings from doctors Aroosha refused to understand what is happening to her. “Even when they told me I needed a wheelchair, part of me still denied that I needed help. The voice in my head kept saying: they lie, they just want to destroy your hard work.”


The diet and physical activity were the only things that made her feel like she had control over her life. Losing weight was the only thing that felt like victory.

Her awakening actually happened the moment when the doctors told her she’ll need a wheel chair to move around.

“When I realized I want to recover, I was in a state of shock because the things I’ve done to myself. A physiatrist and a nutritionist helped me to gradually strengthen my body, and my mind as well,” says Aroosha.


When she finally reached healthy body weight, she began practicing yoga to strengthen her body even further. Later, she joined a gym and through training and gradually fell in love with fitness and bodybuilding. Fitness has changed her life completely.

“When I started lifting weights I watched Instagram photos of fitness and bodybuilding models and realized that I want to look like that. I was sick of being too thin, not eating and not moving enough. I wanted to be strong.”

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