Meet the ‘Real Life Popeye’ – The Arm Wrestling Champion With 19 Inch Forearms

Jeff Dabe is a hard man to miss. After all, with a circumference of his forearms of 19 inches, and massive hands, this Minnesota resident would stand out in any crowd. No one knows how his forearms grew so massive and strong, but their size is certainly not a result of some hard training or extreme dieting. Jeff Dabe was just born this way.  

Science is still unable to provide viable explanation for the unusual size of Dabe’s arms and hands. Gigantism and elephantiasis have been ruled out as possible causes for his condition by the health experts at the University of Minnesota, who are still baffled by his condition. “I’ve been to a lot of different doctors, and they’ve never been able to give me a straight answer. I guess I was just blessed,” Dabe says.


Being born with such a blessing, Dabe decided to put his arms to good use.  He earned his nickname Popeye when competing in arm wrestling as a professional, a sport he took on during his high school days for more than obvious reasons. “I was always good at arm wrestling, but the size of my hands did shock people at first. And I had the strength to back it up.”


Dabe is now 52 years old and works as a heavy equipment operator, but still uses the size and strength to compete at arm wrestling. With his arm size he is currently one of the most intimidating competitors in the World Armwrestling League (WAL).


And according to him, he doesn’t spend much time training, nor he uses any special techniques to boost up his strength. In fact, he gets his only practice stretching resistance bands in front of the TV.  Being blessed with massive pipes is an advantage.

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