Meet The White House Chef With a 24-inch Biceps Who Decorates Cakes and Bench Presses 700 Pounds

Army veteran Andre Rush is far from a stranger on working the grill and preparing meals as he is also the White House special events chef. But Andre is not just an ordinary chef, Andre is probably the most jacked chef ever. His 24-inch biceps went viral after flexing them on July 4.

Andre’s enormous muscles first appeared on the Internet in June when a political reporter posted a photo of the White House chefs preparing for President Donald Trump’s iftar, the meal served at the end of Ramadan. But it wasn’t the tray of grilled veggies that caught Twitter’s attention. It was Chef Andre Rush and his 24-inch biceps.


Since then Andre’s photos were tweeted out and shared thousands of times. It turned out he’s a bit of a renaissance man and was often regarded as the Army’s strongest chef by benching over 700 lbs, as well as being a master ice carver, pastry chef, chocolatier, and an array of other specialties.

The 45-year-old Mississippi native retired from the Army, where he was a Senior Enlisted Aide and Advisor at West Point, a little over a year ago. During his 24 years on duty, Rush was a chef for some of the military’s top brass, competed in culinary competitions around the world, and honed specialized skills, like, you know, making really neat cakes.


Tiny is his nickname, and by now you can gather that it’s an ironic one. Andre Rush is a 285-pound tank of a human, who has to slit the sleeves of his chef coats to fit them around his now-famous 24-inch biceps, and who, since his appearance behind the President’s digs last, has been interviewed on TMZ, been written about in Colombia and Australia, and spawned a thousand Twitter jokes, (mostly about customers’ reluctance to send dishes back to the kitchen once they see the guy who made them).


Those 24-inch arms can bench 700 pounds, though Rush says he focuses on endurance training—say, four rounds of 25 reps at a scant 225 pounds for a series of exercises—followed by post workout meals like a whole salmon fillet.


Rush, who served 24 years in the United States Army, isn’t putting his biceps towards for no reason. According to ABC News, this Fourth of July, he teamed up with the USO’s #Flex4Forces campaign, which invites Americans to show support for service members by flexing their biceps on social media, and asks others to do the same and make a donation.

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