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Larry Wheels Sets a New Powerlifting World Record – 2,370 Pounds At Arnold 2020

Larry Wheels is a name that every professional powerlifter recognizes nowadays. The guy is one of the best young powerlifters, and a famous social media personality. This weekend at the Arnold stage Larry Wheels smoked the competition and set a new world powerlifting record by 0.1 lbs.

Larry hit some huge numbers in Columbus which gave him a 1075kg/2370lb total raw without wraps at the weight of 308lbs; The previous record was just 0.1 lbs less (2369.9lbs) and was held by Eric Lilliebridge.

These were Lary Wheels’ 3 big lifts :

  • 870lb squat
  • 645lb bench press
  • 855lb deadlift 

You can check out footage of the incredible feat of strength below.

“It’s not a personal record, It’s a World record” wrote Wheels on a photo where he is seen celebrating by kissing the barbell.

This year, Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘s fitness expo venue was completely ghosted due to growing coronavirus concerns. The 32nd annual Arnold Sports Festival in Ohio was shutdown two days ago. But despite government action – which forced the venue to close to it’s spectator – the former professional bodybuilder, 72, decided to continue with the expo as planned.

He was left very much alone as the 750,000 square-foot hall was eerily empty amid the virus spreading.

However, that didn’t stop some of the best bodybuilders and powerlifters in the world from showing up and giving it all they had.


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