21 Year Old Larry Wheels Bench Presses 620 Lbs !!!

Some time ago we posted a video of Larry Wheels, a young powerlifter with incredible genetics. In the video he was bench pressing 315lbs and managed to do 40 full repetitions.

For those who haven’t seen the video, here is a replay of it:

Many of our fans were claiming that the weight being lifted is much less than 315lbs, or that the plates were fake. However, Larry is a very strong young man and those weights are absolutely real ! Just as a proof that Larry’s lifts are legit, here is another video of him doing the bench press.

21 Year Old Larry Wheels hit a 620 lb bench press at Bradley Martyn’s “Zoo Culture Gym” Grand Opening. 620 lbs at any age is beast strength but to do it at only 21 yrs old is just insane. Mad Props to Larry Wheels.

What a beast, huh ?

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