14 Things I Learned from One Year of Lifting and Keto

2016 was bananas… and I couldn’t even eat bananas

Celebrity deaths, election madness, and gorilla celebrity deaths. 2016 was an all-you-can-eat food poisoning fever dream. 2016 was also the first year in my life that I worked out and ate right the entire year. Here’s what I’ve learned about myself from a solid year of getting down to business. Maybe you can steal a trick or two from my victories and failures.

1) I Wanted to Quit So I Had To Trick Myself Out Of It

I’ve learned that I don’t respond well to logic. I need pure, base, emotional appeal. If I don’t want to work out, I have to figure out a way to trick myself into the gym. This could be getting In and Out protein style, animal style after my work out or just letting myself watch West World on the treadmill. I had to lay a trap for myself. It’s easy to outsmart yourself when you’re an idiot.

2) Depression May Be Metabolic for Me

I’ve always struggled with depression. Until this year. This is also the first year I lifted weights like I was auditioning to play “Tubby He-Man”. You do the math.

3) I Learned To Cook

I was a pretty good cook before but eating healthy forced me to become a much better cook. When you’re restricting your diet, it can be a lot easier to make your own food. My favorite, relatively healthy food on keto used to be chicken wings. My wife and I would pay out the nose for wings at a place that just blared run ball and stick ball (those are names of sports, right? The only sport I lettered in was Speech and Debate).

I could never figure out how to make good, wing-place-style-wings. After two months of Keto, I’d figured out where to buy cooking oils, got myself a fryer and was making some damn good chicken wings. They taste like victory…and SAVINGS!

4) I Cheat On Squat Day

I talk about this in another article but cheating on my diet on a squat day made things a lot easier for me. When you can find a cheat for cheating…it feels good.

5) I Pack My Own Salami (Laugh it Up)

When I get to a party, I’ll inhale an entire package of salami and never break eye contact with whoever makes the mistake of talking to me. I have no shame. Especially when it comes to parties with food. People are cheap and boring. So are refined carbs. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been invited to a breakfast get together with other parents and it’s only donuts and bagels. Be the guy who brings a sack of his own ham, rips chunks off it, talks with his mouth full and DGAF.


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