6’8 Bodybuilder Martyn Ford Announces Being Cast in Fast & Furious 9

With his 300+ lbs of muscle and tattoos to match, he is without a doubt the scariest bodybuilder in the world. Now he has publicly revealed his new work engagement, which can be said to be the biggest success of his movie career.

Martyn Ford, a giant who is tall over 6 feet and 8 inches, and weights more than 300 pounds, is another tough guy in the row of bodybuilders that has traced his path as an actor.

After a number of different roles, most notably his role in the martial arts/action movie “Undisputed“, the 37-year-old Ford announced his new engagement in Fast & Furious 9.

Martyn Ford posted a video on Instagram where WWE superstar John Cena (who also has a role in Fast & Furious 9) says that everything was going great on the set, until now…. when he encoutered a really “Big” Problem…meaning Martyn Ford.

So THE BIG SECRET is FINALLY out ……. it’s been the longest and hardest secret I’ve EVER had to keep….. @johncena couldn’t of said it any better !!! @thefastsaga it’s was an honour to be cast in #fastandfurious9 alongside incredible people I have literally grown up idolising.

I can’t wait to see it on the big screen and to see how the incredible action unfolds !!!! YES you heard it correct. MARTYN FORD is in FAST&FURIOUS 9 💁‍♂️ something I never thought I would say 😂 @thebwhagency love to my incredible team and the best agency around ❤️ 

Last year Martyn has also signed a contract with the KSW MMA organization and he was preparing for his MMA debut. However the first fight was delayed, and now we have the answer of why the fight hasn’t happen until now. 

“Over the last 12 months I’ve had so many questions as to why the delay on my @ksw_mma debut, with my hands tied on announcing I was working on @thefastsaga it was hard to explain why I couldn’t fight last year, hopefully now all makes sense and know the plans to fight are very real and training has been going incredible, can not wait to get inside this cage and set some records straight.” – Says Martyn.

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