Brian Shaw Bends Car Door in Half to Help Car Accident Victim

It seems that because all the chaos happening in the world lately, and the all the reports about it, we miss all the incredible stories that happen to people. Brian Shaw, the four-time world’s strongest man, tells such an incredible story.

In Brian’s words the thing that happened is something that he wasn’t sure he wanted to share with the rest of us, but because it has been weighting on his heart for some time now, he decided to share the story.

According to Shaw, he and his wife recently had the opportunity to go on a short weekend trip out of town, spend some time together, relax and relieve the stress.  However, a few minutes after they left the house, they came across what looked like a head-on collision. A passenger was still trapped in one of the cars. Without any hesitation both Brian Shaw and his wife exited their vehicle and proceeded to lend a hand.

What happened next can simply be explained as an incredible feat of strength, kindness and humanity. The door of the car where the driver was trapped was damaged and therefore it could not be open.

Brian used his insane strength and managed to bend the door in half by pulling it, after which the passenger was able to safely get out of the damaged vehicle. 

In the video below Brian Shaw explains the whole scene in detail :

Like Brian said, he wasn’t sure if he should share his heroic story, but he hopes that at least some of us can take something positive from this video. 


I just wanted to share this video about a very bad accident my wife and I came upon last Friday. I hope that at least one person can take something positive from this video.

Indeed not every superhero wears a cape and a mask.

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