These Are The Most Expensive Gyms In The World. Are They Worth It ? You Be The Judge

5. Wellness Sky


This 30.000-a-year gym in Belgrade, Serbia is famous for its jaw-dropping architecture and wonderful view of the city and it’s mostly praised for its body balance program that blends yoga, Pilates and tai-chi. Offering a unique aesthetic and training experience, the Wellness Sky gym provides its members with a luxury wellness & spa center, lounge, beauty salon, highly equipped gym and an Olympic-sized pool.



EXOS is a fitness supercenter located in Phoenix, Arizona, which specializes in improving athletic performance and hosts world famous athletes like Mario Williams and Kevin Love. The 31.000 square-foot facility is equipped with an underwater treadmill, 80-yard football field and an extensive physical therapy program. EXOS exclusive systems train for focus, strength, nutrition and endurance on innovative and challenging ways that are designed to lead athletes to ultimate excellence. The price of the membership? A convenient $30.000 a year.

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