These Are The Most Expensive Gyms In The World. Are They Worth It ? You Be The Judge

Over 54 million Americans have gym memberships, yet about 25% of these people will never use them. If you haven’t really been a gym person so far, buying an expensive gym membership won’t do a lot for you. Or will it?

With the modern fitness industry weighing around $22 billion dollars, luxury gyms that provide state of the art equipment and a variety of different classes and facilities such as yoga, pilates and cardio classes and spas and pools, are slowly becoming the norm. These gyms promise to keep people in fantastic shape much easier than regular gyms because of their amazing service, top coaches and individually tailored workouts and nutrition plans, which is the reason why they come at such high prices.

Expensive gym chains replace the traditional fitness mentality of “get in, get out” with an approach that almost makes working out a complex ritual. You no longer have to rely on your own skills to get an effective workout – they have an army of trainers, physiologists, massage therapists and nutritionists who will gladly guide your way to achieving a remarkable level of fitness and health.
Another important benefit of choosing a better quality gym is avoiding undesirable crowds. Crowded gyms can be very unpleasant and frustrating and often hinder the motivation of people who are really serious about their training, who then have to think of ways to adjust their routines and schedule their whole day around the time when their local gym is least crowded.

However, many hardcore gym rats still prefer the old fashioned gyms that offer the basic necessities for working out and are free of luxury equipment gadgets and visitors who only come to the gym because everyone else seems to be doing it. They value the sense of community of smaller, local gyms and the fact that people who are really looking for a good workout don’t need flashy props to further motivate them. Whatever your preferences, here’s a list of the most luxurious gyms around the world that provide the best quality amenities for those wanting to get more out of their gym experience. As long as you’re able to afford their costly prices, they definitely seem to be worth a try!

1. Harbour Club


The Harbour Club in London is frequently visited by the royal family and other well-to-do members of the society. It comes with an indoor waterfall, luxury spas, VIP massage and facial packages and 13 tennis courts for its members to enjoy, apart from the individually tailored trainings with the best fitness coaches available – all for the price of $20.000 a year.


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