Rich Piana Accepted The Fight With Prophet Muscle and Even Bet $20 000 on Himself

YouTube bodybuilding star Rich Piana has been called out by MMA trouble-maker Prophet Muscle, who challenged him to a fight.
Rich Piana (45) is a longtime bodybuilder who has proudly admitted that he’s been using s******s for two decades – ever since he was 18. While he openly admits the dangers of steroid usage and cautions other bodybuilders about it, he says he couldn’t be happier with his own life choices.


Piana started taking s******s after he failed to place high in several competitions, and since then has gone on to place first at several national championships, even earning the title Mr. California. He says that any competitive bodybuilder will have to face the fact that s******s are the only way to real success in the business.
While he no longer competes at bodybuilding, he has become a big deal in the bodybuilding world with his YouTube videos in which he discusses his extreme exercise routines and nutrition. His straightforward attitude and insanely massive physique have gained him a legion of followers on social media.

Recently, Piana was challenged to a MMA fight by the proclaimed MMA fighter Prophet Muscle. As it turns out, Prophet Muscle has uploaded a lengthy video on YouTube in which he openly attacks the bodybuilders’ lifestyle, including his steroid use and some of his allegedly socially unacceptable behaviors.

To make things even more dramatic, Prophet Muscle then offered Piana $20.000 to compete against him. The main reason why Prophet Muscle wants to fight Piana is because the latter slapped Jason Genova in the face at a recent event, which caused a lot of fuss in the community. We assume the fighter wanted to make a name for himself by grabbing a piece of the attention surrounding Piana with his outrageous offer, and he succeeded at it because Piana accepted the challenge.
Prophet Muscle has been trying to start fights with bodybuilders for a while now, but nobody has taken him seriously so far. And although Prophet Muscle isn’t one of the best MMA fighters out there, he is well trained for combat, while Piana’s fighting skills are mediocre at the very best.

As we all know, huge muscles don’t necessarily translate to applicable strength and fighting ability, and no amount of muscle can replace years of experience inside the ring, which puts Piana in a bad starting position for the match which would be pretty unfair since it features a MMA fighter vs. a non-competitive bodybuilder. If the fight really happens, we can only expect it to be a hot rage-driven mess that will end up with Piana being defeated by Prophet Muscle, but who knows?

We’re pretty sure Piana’s fans would love to see him kick Prophet Muscle’s self-righteous a*s.

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