Red Bull 400 : The Race That Puts All Other Runs to Shame

If you are a HIIT freak, you’ll certainly love this one. We really don’t need too many words to describe the below video and we can’t imagine why anybody would put themselves through this kind of torture. But If you think this looks like fun go for it, just remember, this race is only for badass athletes.

While many Canadian and North American races have infamous hill sections (think Around the Bay’s iconic hill or the Boston uphill, for example) it seems no well-known Canadian or American race can compare to the climb in one Slovenian race. The race is also known as “the hill of death.” and with a good reason.

Many people also call it “the vertical marathon.” , but that nickname is far from accurate though as the course has nowhere near the length of a marathon. It’s actually only 400m long. But that’s 400m of sheer vertical climb.

Its actual name is  “The Red Bull 400”. So far there have been three races on the event which takes place on the iconic ski hill, Planica. That’s the location of many international ski competitions including this year’s ski jumping world cup.

There are Reasons You Absolutely Need to Have HIIT in Your Routine but this race simply requires super-human strength and stamina.

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