Six year Old Russian Boy Did 4400 Push Ups in 2 Hours [Video]

One six-year-old Russian did an amazing feat and was rewarded with an apartment for his effort. And no, he is not a rich kid nor a Youtube millionaire. Instead, he beat the Russian record for push-ups (which was 3,270 push ups by the way) and was given a new flat for his family.

Six-year-old Ibrahim Lyanov, from Magas in Russia, performed all of the push ups consecutively. Compared to this, bragging about 30, 50 or even 100 consecutive push ups looks like a joke.

Ibrahim beat the Russian record of 3,270 consecutive push ups, but he didn’t stop there. He continued working until he completed 4445 push ups. Just imagine the soreness in the chest and triceps from all those push ups (Here’s 5 ways to deal with DOMS).

So, how many push ups are considered to be “enough” for a person to be classified as fit ? 

Yes, completing 4000 push ups is incredible and only a few people out of billions can come close to this number, but every fit person should be able to do around 30 push ups in a minute or about 50-55 consecutive push ups. Anything over that number is considered excellent.

Why do you need to do push ups ?


Push ups have always been a symbol of upper body strength and fitness. They provide a great full body workout by targeting and strengthening a large number of muscles in your body. Properly done push ups will build your chest, shoulders, upper arms and upper back and get you in great overall shape.

What’s more, researchers at Harvard University found that people who could perform 40 or more press-ups had a 97% reduced risk of future heart attacks and heart disease.


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