The Best Jobs For Bodybuilders

Who doesn’t want to be able to do only the thing they love and not worry about anything else? That ideal situation is usually rather far from the reality at the moment and we all have to make certain sacrifices to be able to feed ourselves, pay the bills and invest in our true passions. So unless you’re a pro athlete and get paid a lot of money, you’re going to need another full time job besides your bodybuilding to support your lifestyle and needs.

The life of a serious bodybuilder with a full time job means following a hectic schedule: working, eating 5-7 meals per day, going to the gym and trying to get enough sleep – it can be hard as hell to keep your day running smooth and your bodybuilding goals might suffer. Making it all work will require some good organisational and time management skills, like planning your meals beforehand, finding a way to fit them in your working hours and making sure you hit the gym regularly.

The type of job you choose could have a very important influence on your bodybuilding progress and every option has it’s positive and negative sides.

So, which jobs are most suitable for a bodybuilder? Everybody has a different unique set of skills and capacities, but we thought long and hard about this and made a list of three jobs that can work well with a bodybuilding lifestyle.

1. A 9-5 job

The 9-5 desk job can be a great hindrance to the bodybuilding lifestyle, but it brings some advantages as well. The rigid and specific schedule makes it easy to plan other activities around it, but it can also make it hard to get to the gym at an optimal time, especially if your gym is very popular or located far from your workplace.

You might end up struggling to follow your workout through during the most crowded hours. Besides that, office jobs usually come with eight hours of physical inactivity, which is too much for a bodybuilder, and you’ll need to find a way to fit your many meals in the working hours. Different companies have different policies, so this can be either very easy or very hard to do.


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