‘The King of Instagram’ – Dan Bilzerian and Bodybuilding.com’s Ceo got into an Argument. What Dan did Afterwards is Really Savage

The millionaire playboy, a.k.a. “The King of Instagram” Dan Bilzerian enjoys his spoiled life crowded with naked girls, luxurious yachts and crazy parties. He is also known as a guy that has been in lot of trouble because his behavior. Well now he has shown once again that he is not shy and he will do anything just to get back at people attacking him.

Day began arguing with Ryan DeLuca, CEO of the famous BodyBuilding.com, and the whole thing apparently went too far with DeLuca sending inappropriate messages to Dan from his wife’s phone. Bilzerian decided to take a revenge and do it publicly.

Unfortunately for Ryan, Dan took to Instagram to publicly tag him in a very harsh post that had proof he’d slept with his wife.




Of course, the photo was removed from Instagram shortly after the incident, and DeLuca replied :

“I will have more followers than Dan Bilzerian by June 1st, 2016 by doing good. By being a good person for the world. Shame all that follow douche bags instead of good people. Coundown begins tonight”

Dan Bilzerian said that DeLuca used his wife’s phone to call him and insult him multiple times, but the real reason for the argument between these two is unknown.



What do you think, is this cruel and taking the argument TOO FAR ?

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