Planet Fitness Throws Out A Powerlifter From The Gym Because He Was “Intimidating”

Planet Fitness has shown numerous times that it’s not about exercise, but rather about socializing and business. Mark is a powerlifter that wanted to change gyms and started training at Planet Fitness. But he didn’t have any idea that he will face intolerance in the one place he usually felt like home – the gym.

After almost a week of training, one of the employees approached him and told him that they don’t want people like Mark in their gym, referring to lifting heavy weights and grunting while lifting. He didn’t think they would throw him out, but that’s exactly what they did.

When asked why did they throw him out from the gym, one of the managers explained : “Meatheads, bodybuilders  and jerks.  We call them lunks and they are not welcome in our gym”. Watch the whole video here :

Planet fitness states that they have “No Judgement” policy but these example clearly shows that that’s not the case.

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