This is Why Real Lifters Don’t go to Planet Fitness

Planet fitness is a gym which doesn’t like bodybuilders, deadlifts, squats and grunts in their gym. Eventually any successful weight trainee – even someone who just wants to get healthy – is going to outgrow 80lb weights and an environment that considers squats “intimidating”.

Oh, and did we mention, they also have a strict dressing code. Anyway,  here are a few reasons why real lifters don’t train at planet fitness.

First of all there’s the free Pizza

And they are serving pizza in the gym for real. I mean everybody eats a cheat meal once in a while, but pizza at the gym ??



Then there are the bagels

And yes, the ones you see are real bagel, you are not imagining things. Let’s carb up during the workout.



And Tootsie rolls ?

Please, help yourself. Seriously ?? This means Tootsie rolls wrappers all over the place.

planett-fitness-tootsie-rolls planett-fitness-tootsie-rolls2

Also they declare as a judgement free zone.  Unless they do the judgement !!!




Funny how things work around here. But wait, it gets even funnier.

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