Women Rate: Top 10 Male Bodyparts That They Find Attractive

First things first. Having a sculpted body won’t get you far with women if you are a prick. At least not on the long run. Research has proved that women will consider the hotshots only as a one night stand.

So, if you’re look for a substantial relationship you need to back up your good looks with better personality.

That being said, we present you a list of ten physical traits that women love on a man. And this doesn’t necessarily include just the body parts, but your overall physical appearance.

Some of them you can improve by working out, but others were destined upon you by your genes, and are not as easily tailored. In any case, learning what women want may help you in understanding their psychology better.

Take a look at our list, and discover which of your physical traits give you an advantage in the field of love and intimacy.

#1. Shredded Abs

According to a study conducted by Western Illinois University, the most desirable muscles on man’s body are the abs. This should not come as a surprise.

After all, being positioned frontally and centrally on your torso, the abdominals are probably the first thing women notice, other than your face, when you take your shirt off.

Unlike your face, which cannot be changed, you can try and sculpt your abs. And it seems that women’s obsession with our abs is not unsubstantiated.

It’s a well known fact that men with greater concentration of abdominal fat have lower testosterone levels, which often means reduced drive and fertility.

#2. Firm Posterior

Although for some this may come as a surprise, it shouldn’t. As it happens, women seem to appreciate good buttocks as much as any man. This has been lately confirmed in a survey conducted by AskMen.

The results of the pool show that majority of women simply adore men with strong and well developed glutes.

#3. Wide Shoulders

A study coming from the University of Albany suggests that women are strongly attracted to men with wide and muscular chest. So why waste time? Hit the gym and start working on those shoulders.

Strong and broad shoulders have been considered a sign of masculinity from times immemorial.

Additionally, according to the research published in David Perett’s book In Your Face: The New Science of Human Attraction, men with higher shoulder to waist ratio have better chances of scoring then those with meek shoulders.

#4. Ripped Back

According to a 2013 study the broadness of your back can increase woman’s intimate attraction by as much as 79 percent. In fact, having a well developed V-shape back is more important for women than your height and even your endowment.

#5. Defined Chest

The Perett’s book In Your Face: The New Science of Human Attraction reveals that women are strongly attracted to men who sport body that resembles hunter’s physique.

So, in addition to the already mentioned strong shoulders, wide back and narrow waist line, chest play the crucial role in determining your attractiveness.

However, women don’t appreciate bulked and muscular boobs that eclipse their own. They prefer toned and solid chest, with chiselled pecs.

#6. Muscular Arms

When HerCampus.com has conducted a research of the importance of individual body parts to attraction, the majority of women answered that big arms are the strongest turn on.

It seems that women find this as a sign that you take care of your body, and many of them admitted that they love when your biceps shows under your shirt.

#7. Strong Hands

Women love to go into details, hence their obsession with men’s hands. The results of the survey conducted by AskMen, women pay great attention to your hands.

For them, they can reveal a lot about your personality, your line of work, and hygiene. On top of it, bigger hands are also considered a sign of masculinity.

#8. Expressive Face

A research published by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology reveals that women are generally attracted to men whose have faces that reveal their inclination for taking care, combined with their desire for lovemaking.

In practice, this would mean that they are equally attracted to people with baby face features (large eyes, small nose) and people with mature face (strong jaw, wide cheekbones). They equally appreciate guys who radiate with intimate power, and guys that are capable of showing compassion.

#9. Mouth

Bad boys seems to have advantage in this respect. According to a research conducted by the University of British Columbia women find gloomy men more attractive than happy guys.

However, this doesn’t mean that you need to lose your smile. Although your smile may improve your social interaction, when it comes to s*xual attraction women tend to go for guys that look proud, strong, mysterious and little moody.

#10. Facial Hair

The right amount of facial hair can turn your table around when it comes to attractiveness. Although this feature is greatly susceptible to trends, according to a study published in the journal Evolution & Human Behavior, they prefer men with heavy stubble.

Light stubble, heavy beards and clean shaven faces are rated much lower. On the other hand, it also points out that women think that full beads are a sign of good health and parenting ability.

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