611 LBS Squat and a New Personal Record by John Cena

The man is a legend both inside the WWE ring, and outside of it. One of the few wrestlers still sporting an incredibly physique today, John Cena works hard to keep the gains his made over his life. His dedication and persistence have allowed him to gain both a following of wrestling fans, and bodybuilding fans, due to his sheer size and strength, which is evident by his latest record.

Posted on YouTube by fellow powerlifter Mark Bell, the video of John Cena squatting had the following caption:

“I’m posting this video because I have the upmost respect for my long time friend John Cena’s dedication to the iron. John is never “too” busy to not be strong or not be in shape. With the amount of travel and big business that he does along with taking bumps in the ring it’s amazing he strong he is. Here is John nailing a 611lbs squat!”


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