John Cena’s Gym is One Of the Most Hardcore Gyms in the World

Bodybuilders have a bunch of gyms specially devoted to bodybuilding to choose from, like the East Coast Mecca, The Powerhouse Gym, and the West Coast Mecca, Gold’s Gym. It’s far less known where wrestlers choose to go when they wish to do their weightlifting.

The obvious choice would be to go to a regular gym and train hard or to one the aforementioned gyms like Gold’s.

But just like bodybuilders, wrestlers would likely prefer to train with people of a like mind and similar interests. That’s where John Cena’s gym, Hard Nocks South, comes into play.

Located in Tampa Florida, John Cena’s gym is a haven for wrestlers who are looking to get some top notch strength and conditioning into their routine. Cena has set up the gym as a place where the young up and comers in the sport could have a place to train.

“We named it “Hard Nocks South” after “Hard Nocks”, which is a gym owned by Dave Nock, up in Massachusetts where John first started lifting.” – says his trainer Rob Macintyre.

“When you walk in the doors the first time, you don’t see a normal gym. There is not treadmills everywhere. If you look around it’s not that pretty and there is no paint on the walls” – say members. But the gym still has something many modern gyms lack – the right atmosphere, the intensity, the focus….

Check out the gym in the video and you may see some familiar faces. Would you like to be a member in this type of a gym ?

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