The Most Inspiring 8 Year Old Triathlon Champion

This eight year old competitor in the Castle Howard Triathlon in North Yorkshire is unlike any other of the competitors, but a real child warrior. Taking regard his condition, suffering from cerebral palsy, he managed to handle the responsibilities of the triathlon and pass the finish line successfully and in style, while hundreds of people cheered him.

Despite his condition, a neurological disorder known for affecting the mobility, motor skills and muscle tone, he still managed to handle the triathlon which consists of a 100 meter swim, 4000 meters bicycle ride and 1300 meters run as a real champion. And he has of course inherited his love towards the triathlon from his father, who is a triathlete himself, and used to carry little Mathew in a wheelchair around the weekly running events previously.

Only this time, Mathew who is a determined child and doesn’t let the condition bother him and sees himself no different from anyone else decided to show the rest of the people what he really is capable of. Even though during the courses he was allowed to use a specially-adapted walking frame, yet, the last twenty meters he was seen pushing the frame aside, wanting to finish up unaided.

This video captures the final moments before finishing the race, when he was encouraged of the cheering and finished the course all alone.


Congratulations Mathew, you are an inspiration to all of us.

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