The Biggest Bodybuilding Lies You Thought Were True When You Started Lifting

As everyone else, you too must have had a strong reason why you began the bodybuilding journey and become best friends with the weights. As numerous successful bodybuilders say, you must answer the question “why” you want to do this, before embarking on the journey. You had yours too. And it is a journey. Regardless of what the answer was, it was strong enough to get you to start going to the gym, it filled you with passion, with energy and the answer was like a lighting beacon, helping you endure grueling workouts and push harder and heavier each time you stepped into the gym.

At the time, maybe you felt you needed to get bigger because you knew that if others could do it and look good, you could do it too. Maybe you were overweight and felt you absolutely needed to lose the excess fat unless your friends would continue to mock you and your girlfriend would leave you for the jock with a six-pack. Chances are these things probably happened, and they are the main reason why you turned into the hulk of today, cut and jacked beast roaming the bodybuilder’s savanna eating dumbbells and cardio bunnies on the side.

And while you were in the process of making this come true, you must have experienced a multitude of ups and downs on the road to greatness. You might have also started to accidentally overhear stories and various urban legends coming from the mouths of big gym bros and slender personal coaches, even run-of-the-mill gym rats that were sharing the gym with you.

These were either things that motivated you to train even harder than before or plain stupid stuff that misled you and forced you to take a great detour from the road of making incredible progress. Either way, there’s no escaping it that the majority of us have been led astray by these myths.

1. As soon as you become jacked, you will get all the hottest women


Who hasn’t thought of this at least once? You’d be a huge liar if you said you didn’t. In fact, it’s why the majority of people start training in the first place. We would all ingrain this idea into heads that the girls would like us a lot more if we were hulking beasts, looking like we eat 10 chickens for breakfast. While it’s a fact that there is a group of women out there that would start immediately drooling over a guy with 20-inch arms, but the fact is that women are more attracted to an athletic, more slender and proportional figure with a moderate amount of muscle mass.

2. The bodies that are shown on supplement products


It’s very likely that you have purchased a supplement with an amazing looking cover model or a body transformation of an overweight person achieving a lean and shredded physique. The basic marketing tool supplement companies use is to have you believe on a subconscious level that you can make this transformation too if you kept buying their supplements.

The truth is that the cover models are professional bodybuilders and fitness models who are getting paid huge amounts of money by supplement companies to look that way and for whom that’s their only job. Not the mention the performance enhancing drugs many of them have been undoubtedly using to get that look. So, next time you buy a supplement know you won’t magically transform your body by taking it. Real transformation takes years of hard work and dedication.

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