A Guy Drinks Breast Milk To Build Muscle. Is it Worth It ? You be the Judge

Danny Davidson (32) thinks he has found way to gain muscle. A very unusual way that is – Danny supplements with breast milk and says that it has growth hormone in it. He claims that a few years ago while he was talking to some older and more experienced bodybuilders he heard that besides anabolic drugs, some of them used breast milk.

Nowadays he regularly uses breast milk as an addition to his protein rich diet and claims he gains muscle from it ( you be the judge of that). He buys the milk from local mothers in the London area as well as online, and he spends about £40 per week on it.

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While his wife Debbie is happy for her husband of three years to spend £20 to £40 a week on the sticky liquid, she is worried about the health risks (bacterial infections and viruses) he faces.


You can draw your own conclusions whether this strange method is working for Danny or not.

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