Robert Förstemann legs

This Cyclist Goes Head to Head With a Bodybuilder in an Incredible Squat Contest

Cyclists are known to have rather built up and shredded legs, but this guy is a monster. Meet Robert Förstemann, a  German track cyclist who has the most bad-a*s legs among cyclists (and bodybuilders to be honest)


Robert can gain speeds up to 45 MPH during competitions, speeds that are hardly achievable by most cyclists going down hill, let alone on a enclosed track. To keep his legs in top shape, this athlete goes through some incredibly intense workouts in the gym. This time Robert goes head to head with Strength Coach and bodybuilder Johannes Luckas in an amazing “SQUAT-OFF“. To give you a little spoiler of what you are going to see, imagine doing 220kg (485 LBS) for 12 REPS!

Yeah that’s right. Check the video to see this incredible feat of strength.

It’s no wonder why Robert’s legs look the way they look.


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