DadBod VS The Hulk – What Kind Of a Body Do Girls Like?

These days, The Internet went crazy over a viral video about the never-ending dilemma – what kind of a body do girls like. Well, these couple of guys decided to put it to the test and do a little bit of research on their own in order to try and answer that question. 

The guys, ( a DadBod guy and a bodybuilder ) tried to pick up ladies on the street and in the park by asking them whether they preferred a Dad Bod or a Bodybuilder.  Some girls went straight for the bodybuilder, some went for the Dad Bod guy – and some of the girls’ answer was …  I guess “engaging” would probably be the right word ( go to 2:20 in the video ).

We’re not sure whether or not the pick-up lines helped these two guys to attract the girls or not, but here are few pick-up lines they used to break the ice:

– “Just by looking at you, you need a Nice Dad-Bod to Cuddle with, am I right?”
– “I’m pretty Hot right…? I work out.”
– “I want to know what you girls think about DadBods or Hulk Bods”
– “You have a Boyfriend, Does he Look like me?”

Who do you girls prefer ?

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