Dorian Yates Vs Arnold Schwarzenegger

The rivalries between athletes add zest to any sporting event. They introduce personal drama in the events, and provide the competitors with additional motivation to win. They are alluring for the fans, who are willing to spend more if the event involves something more than just straight competition. Although friendly rivalries can spice up the competitions a bit, the events will always gain more hype when bad blood gets involved.

When thinking about bodybuilding rivalries, most people imagine two active competitors training hard, giving their all in the effort to come on top of their worthy opponent. Kai Greene and Phil Heath offer one of the best examples of how bodybuilding rivalry can be intriguing not only for the body building fans, but for the general public as well. A good story with the right amount of drama to support it, is a guaranteed to attract major interest. No wander Floyd Mayweather gets all that big bucks. He always seems to find some way to sell his rivalry with the opponent, no matter who he’s fighting.

There are many rivalries in the modern days that we can mention, but the past has also something to offer. One of these past rivalries of the bodybuilding world is somewhat curious. You might have not known, but former bodybuilding champions Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dorian Yates seems to have their fallout in the past.  The interesting thing about it is that they competed in two different eras. So what was the bone of contention between them?

Take a look at what Yates has to say.


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