Ric Drasin – The Truth About 70’s Bodybuilding Diets Vs Today

In bodybuilding nutrition can be your best friend, but also your worst enemy. The food you choose to consume makes a world of difference between gaining muscles and plain gaining fat.

Balancing your diet is crucial if you want to be sure that you’re not putting at waste all the effort invested in exercising. You can spend your whole life in the gym, pushing yourself to the brink of exhaustion, but it’ll all come to naught just because you’ve failed to provide the fuel for increasing your muscle growth and maintaining your energy levels. 

Additionally, nutrition is extremely important in the recovery process after exercising. Your body doesn’t just need rest to recover. It also needs nutrient rich food. Crap food can hinder your recovery process, leaving you unprepared for the following day.

Today planning the meals is not as difficult as it ones was. There are many guides for calculating what food to eat, when to eat it and in what amounts. Planning how much carbs, protein and fats we need for burning fat and building muscles is no longer a problem.

Yet, not until long ago this was not the case, but people still managed to produce the right nutrition plan, even though they lacked the tools for measuring what they should be putting in their bodies. If you ever wondered how did the warriors of the old bodybuilding school made their diet plans, the following video may offers some answers.

The video is presented by Ric Drasin (RIP), an old school bodybuilder who provides a firsthand perspective on how they used to plan their diet in the golden era of bodybuilding – the 70’s, back in the days of Arnold Schwarzenegger and many other greats. It also covers other subjects beneficial to young bodybuilders. Take a look at the video, and listen what he has to say.

We posted one of his other videos about split training just yesterday. And we just had to again because, well – Ric Drasin is a man who knows his stuff. He touches on a number of subjects that can is beneficial to younger bodybuilders, giving a window into how things were conducted back in the golden age of bodybuilding.

Ric Drasin’s 70s Bodybuilding Diets

The retired bodybuilder has spoken on a large range of topics including how bodybuilders used to plan out their training splits in the 70’s. Well, it also appears that Ric Drasin had some things to say about bodybuilder nutrition from his time training with Arnold Schwarzenegger and the many other greats in the past. Take a look and listen at what Ric Drasin had to say about the dieting back in the 70’s.


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