Epic Squat Battle – Bodybuilder VS Strongman VS Weightlifter VS Powerlifter

Watch this epic squat battle between a powerlifter, bodybuilder, strongman and a weightlifter!

Athletes’ stats:

Strongman: Patrik, Int. German Junior Champion Bodybuilding 1999 Germany’s Strongest Man 2011 World-records in: Loglift, Keglift, Yoke-Walk
Weightlifter: Robert, Multiple German Champion, placed 9th @European Championships 2013, placed 11th @World Championships 2013 all up to 69 KG – class
Bodybuilder: Dorian, 2xGerman Champion, World Championship – Finals, 4th @Frey Classic
Powerlifter: Thomas, Multiple Bench Press State Champion, Powerlifting State Champion, won an insignificant tug war battle @ basic military service

Put your bets on !!!

My bet was on the weightlifter to take the first place and the strongman would finish second place, considering that powerlifters are usually concentrated on low reps and 1RMs.

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