She is Definitely NOT Your Average Bikini Model – Meet the “Korean Muscle Barbie”

When she is wearing clothes, you probably wouldn’t notice anything unusual about this girl. She is eve quite attractive. But make no mistake, as this is no ordinary girl. Yeon Woo Jhi is from South Korea and she is definitely not a bikini athlete, she is known as the Korean muscle barbie

She is a female physique Olympia contender and she is most likely bigger than most people you see at the gym. Her physique looks very well shaped and proportional. But when she wears clothes you probably couldn’t tell right away that she has this amount of muscle on her.

She has won the 2013 Arnold Classic Europe women’s Physique competition and placed 4th in the 2015 Vancouver Pro women’s Physique show. Her biceps, triceps and delts are especially spectacular.

Like Lui Marco said – would you wife the korean muscle barbie ?

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