Two Reasons Why Your Biceps Won’t Grow

Although there are some bodybuilders who get killer biceps by pressing and pulling, many others are not that lucky and have to work harder to get the same results. It’s not so uncommon to get good results on every part of the body while the biceps remain disproportionately small

This article discusses two main reasons for the non-responsive biceps phenomenon – inexperience and ego. And the one thing that they have in common is the range of motion. If you restrict your range of motion when you work out, you obstruct the breaking down of muscle tissue, which otherwise provides optimal growth. The reason for this is that the negative part of the movement is responsible for the biggest amount of muscle tissue damage. So without a correct range of motion that includes negative (also called eccentric) parts, your progress will be rather slow and unsatisfactory.

1. Inexperience

Inexperience leads to imitating others around you and we all know it can be a really bad choice sometimes. Without proper directions, you may end up doing things the wrong way and not getting most of your workout.

2. Ego

Lifting with your ego is mainly a byproduct of inexperience as well. Lifting too much weight without consideration of the form puts you at high risk of developing bad form and getting an injury. We understand the desire to impress others, but putting yourself in a dangerous position will only make you look ridiculous to more experienced lifters. If you want to maximize the efficiency of your lifts, you’ll need a proper form.

Muscle growth aside, it can be very dangerous to perform certain exercises with improper form and the moto „more is better“ doesn’t apply here, so put your ego aside and put some effort into learning the right way to do things in the gym.

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