Lee Priest Responds to Fake Weights Accusations

We recently published a video of Lee Priest doing strict biceps curls with 221 lbs, which is very close to the world record. The video made some waves on the internet and caught the attention of many people. Considering the fact that Lee has been battling a serious neck injury for years now, his feat seemed too god to be true.

In a new video released, Lee admits that he was using fake weights and the video was just a joke and all the “fake weights” commenters on the Internet were actually correct with their comments.  

Like he says himself in the video below, Lee suffered a car accident in 2015, in which his neck was seriously damaged and one of his nerves was crushed . He says that he needed to come clean about his strict curls video, mainly because the insurance companies are not paying him for the injury he suffered, claiming that Lee is still capable of competing and training normally.

“Let me tell you, after five and a half years, my neck is still f*cked,” he sais. “As you know, it was a car accident in March 2015. Since then this side(my right side) atrophied, loss of strength. Can’t compete anymore because my body is asymmetrical. Yes I can still lift weights, can I still train like I used to train? Not at all. Can I compete like I used to? Not at all. Can I make money like I used to? Not at all.

But the insurance company would think that I can,” Priest adds. “They see me doing videos it seems, and they go ‘Oh Lee’s making a comeback.’ I gotta tell you people. Lifting fake weights on those videos where they say I’m making a comeback on, is not making a comeback. You need to learn sarcasm insurance company.”

In the video Priest talks about the trouble he is going through because of his crushed nerve and how he needs to do yet another surgery to try and regain some of his mobility. However, according to Lee, insurance companies think he is faking his pain and injury just so he can get paid.

Like we mentioned earlier, Lee Priest is a legend of the sport, he is well known for his incredible body development, he is not a powerlifter and does not really care how much he can lift. Unfortunately, bodybuilding and competing are something he will not able to do in future, even though he used to make a good living off of them.

Hopefully he can get the surgery he needs and improve the quality of his life.

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