Good News : Lee Priest Released From Hospital

Good news today as the legendary bodybuilder Lee Priest has been released from hospital after 9 days spent there. Lee was hospitalized because he suffered a serious heart infection after having some trouble with his tooth.

This resulted in Lee being diagnosed with Endocarditis, a serious infection that attacks the heart.

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Endocarditis is an infection of the endocardium, which is the inner lining of your heart chambers and heart valves. Endocarditis generally occurs when bacteria, fungi or other germs from another part of your body, such as your mouth, spread through your bloodstream and attach to damaged areas in your heart. If it’s not treated quickly, endocarditis can damage or destroy your heart valves and can lead to life-threatening complications. Treatments for endocarditis include antibiotics and, in certain cases, surgery.

In a recent post, Lee thanked all his fans for all the support he received during his time at the hospital:

Finally out of hospital a big thank you for all the well wishes and prayers from family friends and fans etc. 9 days in lock down feeling like and experiment I’m slowly on the mend 👍 only I could baffle all the Doctor’s and head of disease control. Thought they might of found out I’m not from this planet.


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