I Lost 8 Pounds During a 6 Hour Ironman Workout

Fitness instructor Nick Barre has been preparing for the Iron Man competition since May, this year. He works on his endurance while constantly sharing his progress and experiences with his fans.

As a part of his preparations for the future ironman triathlon, he lost nearly eight pounds during a six-hour workout.

Nick trains 6 days a week. He usually rides a bike for 10 miles and runs another 10 miles every day, but for the video he released, he spent 4 hours cycling, and running for whooping 2 hours. At the beginning of the workout, he weighed close to 200 pounds.

Riding a bike, he cycled 68 miles, then stopped to refresh himself with electrolytes and then ran another 12 miles. In the end, the scale displayed a weight of 190.6 pounds.

Nick ended his day with a highly caloric meal and replaced the lost fluids with a few liters of water.

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